An inclusive community begins with understanding each other better.

904WARD began in 2015 with a small group of friends who came together to talk openly, challenge each other, support each other, and take action together to build a more inclusive Jacksonville. 

We are a diverse group made up of people committed to creating a community of inclusion for all of Jacksonville, FL’s residents. We take pride in mobilizing thousands of volunteers every year to create racial healing and equity.


904WARD creates racial healing and equity through deep conversations and learning, trusting relationships, and collective action.


An end to racism in Jacksonville so all people thrive.

Board of Directors

Tracy Tousey, Interim Board President

Trey Csar, Treasurer

Deirdre Conner, Secretary

Dr. Maira Martelo

Lynn Sherman, JCRP Co-Chair

Melanie Patz, JCRP Co-Chair

Alicia Somers, Race Cards Co-Chair

Dr. Jametoria Burton

Patrick Griggs


Dr. Kimberly Allen, CEO 

ReGina Newkirk Rucci, Manager of Programs

How to Get Involved

904WARD is an all-volunteer organization. For more information or to learn about getting involved, email info@904WARD.org.

Specific inquiries can be directed to:

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