The Race Cards are Now Digital!

We're happy to share that the Race Cards are now digital! With just a quick download, you'll have access to our entire deck anytime, anywhere.

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Want to contribute? We'd love feedback!

We are planning for the Race Cards App to become an open source technology project. At the moment, we have a passionate group of volunteer contributors who are here to listen to feedback and want to know what could make this a more effective experience!

Race Cards Technology Team

  • Erin Colledge

  • Nicholas Fieschko

  • Joellie Mancebo

  • Tamara Yannuzzi

Race Cards App Contributors

Ashli Thomas, Everett Hagan, Shahlyan Aly, Taylor Johnson, Riya Gharat, Hayden Higginbotham, Hazel Peters, Michelle Greive, Beth Kelley, Leah Stoney, Olga Butacova, Tiffany Craft, Amy Futch, Ena Beganovic, Erik Thorelli, Erin Kendrick, Justin Wiggins, Kyle Fleming, Ken Hall, Sean Collins