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Redistricting occurs when the boundaries of electoral districts are redrawn. It’s done every 10 years following the U.S. Census.

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HB281/SB490 - Required Instruction in the History of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - requires the history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to be included in specified instruction – SUPPORT THESE BILLS

HB51/SB1398 - Required Instruction on the Holocaust and African-American History –requires schools – public, charter, and specified private schools – to include the history of African Americans and of the Holocaust in the standards and curriculum. – SUPPORT THESE BILLS



HB7/SB148 – Individual Freedom – redefines discrimination to include topics and concepts such as equity, privilege, and racial supremacy/dominance as well as topics that make people feel uncomfortable or guilty, preventing them from being included in required trainings and instruction; it also prohibits instructional materials from including those topics and concepts. – OPPOSE THESE BILLS


HB57/SB242 - Racial and Sexual Discrimination – prohibits state agencies, counties, municipalities and K-20 public education institutions from providing mandatory training for employees or students that espouses certain concepts (especially those related to equity, racism and racial awareness, and gender awareness, a required review of diversity and inclusion training, and the option to terminate contractors and place them on the discriminatory vendor list. –OPPOSE THESE BILLS



HB407 - Prosecuting Children as Adults – prevents the prosecutor from having the sole determination of whether a child should be prosecuted as an adult; provides that children 14 years of age or older, rather than children of any age, who are charged with certain offenses are subject to the court jurisdiction until an indictment is returned; and authorizes rather than requires a child to be sentenced as a adult if the child if found to have committed crimes that are punishable by death or life imprisonment. – SUPPORT THIS BILL