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Through diverse programming, 904WARD's goals are to acknowledge the truth about our racial history and its current impacts. We do this through honest dialogue, truth, and reconciliation about race and racism in our communities.

View a full list of our programs below to discover how you can get involved!

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Race Cards

The goal of the Race Cards is to facilitate honest, authentic discussions around race in a way that is accessible to everyone.



904WARD is partnering with the Equal Justice Initiative on the Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project ("JCRP") to remember the legacy of racial terror lynchings in our city. 

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Little Free Diverse Libraries

We want to ensure that people across the greater Jacksonville region and across the state of Florida have access to diverse stories and opportunities to learn more about race, culture, and history.

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Center for Corporate & Community Equity

Work within businesses, organizations, and communities to address racial disparities and create equitable solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.



An 8-Part series looking back at decades of outcomes for communities of color in demographic changes, health, housing, justice & the legal system, employment, media, and politics & civic engagement.



Learn all about the legislation we are watching and how you can take action along with us!

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